Sailing and Surfing on the Gerlossee

Durlassboden Reservoir in Gerlos

The Gerlossee is the site of the highest sailing and windsurfing school in Austria (elev. 1,400 m). I have been running this school for 25 years.  An perfect place for families with small children and teens. An ideal opportunity to make this an unforgettable vacation!

Learn to sail or surf, take a paddle-boat ride, splash, swim, work on your tan, or simple relax and enjoy nature here at Kalle┬┤s Steg. With water temperatures between 18 and 23 degrees, the Gerlossee is a great change of pace for holidaymakers looking to kick back after an eventful day.

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Family Hauser - Viskaal
Hannes & Floor
A - 6281 Gerlos 262
Mob. Phone: +43 664 342 6523
Mob. Phone: +43 664 244 9289